President’s Message

President’s Message


The diplomatic relation between Nepal and the Republic of Vietnam established in 1975 did not only bring the nations closer but have also helped strengthen the cordial ties and goodwill between the people of these two countries.

Since past few years, the bilateral cooperation in the areas of agriculture, trade, tourism and other sectors have been significantly increasing which has clearly uplifted the economic prospects of both the countries.

In this context, with the objective of promoting the economic and business relationship between the two countries, the people from various trade and commerce sectors had joined together and formed “Nepal Vietnam Chamber of Commerce” in the year 2011. Ever since its inception, this organization has been instrumental in bringing in investments in the areas of agriculture and tourism, thereby contributing towards the overall development of both the countries.

Similarly, the organization has been coordinating and collaborating with various government and private sectors to bring in a large numbers of the Vietnamese tourists to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.

Besides, Nepal Vietnam Chamber of Commerce is also working towards creating conducive environment for exporting and importing of essential goods taking advantage of information and technology of both the countries, while exploring other potential and investment opportunities,

Nepal Vietnam Chamber of Commerce is very much committed not only in sustaining and in strengthening the current businesses but is also determined to take further initiatives towards increasing investments in diversified sectors as well.